Old Tehnique

The Student chair is one of the replicas that are being made in our company, and it is the work of one of the most important Slovenian architects Jože Plečnik.

The master constructed it in 1921 for the equipment of his drawing classroom at the Old Technique in Ljubljana.

The chair is functional and lightweight, the original is made of spruce wood and allows several hours sitting while drawing or sketching.

Picture of Jože Plečnik with his students on a field trip. (Source: Book by JOŽE PLEČNIK; Vienna, Prague, Ljubljana; A. Hrausky, J. Koželj, D. Prelovšek)

Jože Plečnik (1872 – 1957)

Slovenian architect of the 20th century, born in Ljubljana. He studied and educated in Vienna. With his extraordinary drawing talent and hard work, he quickly established himself in architectural circles.

The artist with a remarkable creative oeuvre made his mark especially in Ljubljana, Vienna and Prague, where he also reached his creative peak with the renovation of the Prague Castle.

Without doubt, Jože Plečnik is one of the most important Slovenian artists, who has laid the foundation for the success and recognition of Slovenian architecture.

Interest in his work is increasing at home and in the world.

Rescued before the flames

The original, according to which the replicas of Student chair are being made, was saved from being burnt, thanks to two eminent architects, professors at the Faculty of Architecture.

In the 1960s, architects managed to save a few specimens from the destruction of cultural heritage.

Most of the chairs were unfortunately destroyed. A few originals are kept at the Plečnik House (Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana) and at the Faculty of Architecture.

Old technique; Aškerčeva cesta Ljubljana (source: Plečnik House Museum)

Original Plečnik’s Student chair (source: Plečnik House Museum)