Chairs & Tables


Handmade high quality chairs and tables.

Handmade high quality wooden replicas of the great master of architecture and design Jože Plečnik. The elegant chairs are made exclusively of solid wood by your choice and protected with various oils or waxes, varnished or even finished with French polish. In addition to Jože Plečnik’s chairs, you can choose from other types of chairs, as well as some types of solid tables.

At we make replicas of Plečnik’s chair made of different, highest quality wood types.

All of our replicas maintain accurate metering and appearance of the original.

In this work, we follow the principles of traditional joinery techniques and strive for the ideal.

Chairs are designed in many ways. From less demanding to very complex models. They all share elegance, great functionality and durability. Our chairs have been made for generations.


We also make tables. Classic dining tables, club and chess tables . They can be made entirely of solid wood or combinated with a glass surface.


Restaurant furniture
The restaurant beneath the edge of the Karst is equipped with Plečnik’s chairs and classic tables made of olive, maple and walnut wood.

Placito Risano

Plečnik’s chairs
Making the oak chairs for the office of the president of the reinsurance company Triglare.

Reinsurance Triglav Re, d.d.

Plečnik’s chairs
Making the walnut chairs for the wedding hall in Slovenska Bistrica.

UE Slovenska Bistrica