Carpentry Workshop.

The workshop is the heart of every woodworker. The workshop is not regular if it is not full of sawdust, a genuine smell of spruce resin and all kinds of tools. It is an extremely powerful magnet for children and grandchildren. This is where family ties are built. In workshops personal victories are achieved and defeats are overcome.




There are two types of tools. Electric and manual. Both types complement each other perfectly and we at swear by the combination. For successful production of wooden products, such as Plečnik Chair or any other high quality product it is somehow more important hand tool. At least in our opinion. With proper knowledge and a proper use of a hand-tool, this features can add extra value to the product.


We look at the product with our eyes and feel it with our hands. In addition to all of the processes such as cutting, milling, planing and planing the semi-finished products to appropriate lengths or thicknesses, the finishing of wood surface is extremely important part of the process when Plečnik Chair is being manufactured.


By using hand planes, saws and blades of the highest quality steel, we can provide a first-class surface that cannot be compared to any other. It is also necessary to be aware that this surface comes to the fore, only as oiled or waxed.


Clean and precise cuts are extremely important. Using special saws – japanese technology is exceptional – with proper handling, we get cuts that are clean and extremely accurate, which is also one of the conditions for a flawless product.


Scrapers, chisels, rasps, C-blades, angles, marking and venere knives and various measuring tools are also necessary part of every carpentry workshop and must be manufactured with high quality and precision.